It’s Almost Here!


Rick looks like such a badass

It’s that time of year again. . . Time for “Walking Dead”! I have been waiting for this show ever since the last season ended. I hope none of you guys haven’t forgotten all about “The Walking Dead” due to the “Breaking Bad” series finale. Just one more week until our Facebook and Twitter news feeds are filled with “The Walking Dead” posts.

Since we have a week before it comes out, let us take this time to review what happened last season. . .

Rick and his group find the prison, but Andrea is not with them. She is in the woods and comes across Michonne. In the midst of killing walkers in the prison, Hershel gets bitten. Before the infection can spread, Rick does the craziest thing ever. He cuts off Hershel’s leg! After that they come across Thomas, Andrew, Axel, and Oscar who are all inmates. One of the inmates, Thomas, pretends to attack Rick during a walker raid. Rick then kills Thomas. Andrew does not like what Rick did, so he tries to kill Rick too, but Rick runs him out. Little does Rick know that Andrew has let walkers into the prison. Sadly, due to Andrew letting the walkers in, T-Dog dies. While the walkers are back in the prison, Lori goes into labor. Carl shoots her to prevent her from becoming a walker. Back in the woods, Andrea and Michonne run into Merle Dixon. Crazy right?

Merle takes them to a place that we are going to become very familiar with. . . Woodbury. At Woodbury we are introduced to the notorious Governor. Michonne decides to leave Woodbury because she has a bad feeling about the Governor. Michonne comes up to a store where she sees Merle capture Maggie and Glenn. Michonne finds the prison, tells Rick what she saw, and tells the group about Woodbury. At Woodbury, the Governor ties up Glenn, beats him up, and threatens to kill Maggie if he does not tell him where the rest of his group is located. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar go to Woodbury to rescue Maggie and Glenn. While doing that Oscar dies and Daryl is nowhere to be found. Michonne goes into the Governor’s house and they get into a fight. At the end of the fight Michonne stabs him in the eye with a glass shard. Maggie and Rick rescue Daryl along with Merle.

When they get back to the prison, Daryl and Merle leave. The Governor finds the prison and attacks. Daryl and Merle come back just in time. After the attack Andrea goes to the prison to tell Rick to meet with the Governor and he agrees. At the meeting the Governor tells Rick he wants Michonne. When the Governor gets back to Woodbury, Andrea hears him say that he is going to kill Rick. She sneaks out to warn Rick, but the Governor captures her and puts her in the same room with a man he had stabbed. Back at the prison Rick explains to the group what the Governor wanted. Merle kidnaps Michonne to take her to the Governor because he knows Rick will not give her up. Merle lets out a bunch of walkers to distract the Governor and his group, but then gets shot by the Governor.

The Governor is angry. He goes to the prison with his men, but ends up fleeing. He goes on a shooting rampage because him and the rest of his group left the prison and kills almost everyone. Rick, Michonne, and Daryl go back to Woodbury so they can rescue Andrea, only to find out that she has been bitten. Andrea shoots herself. While they are at Woodbury, Rick gathers as many people as he can and brings them back to the prison.

That is a lot of stuff that happened in the past season. I cannot wait for the new one.


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