Walkers Everywhere!


That stare gets me every time

The first episode of the new season, I must say, was not the best. I was hoping for something more exciting. Although, I did enjoy all of the new killing scenes. The director, Greg Nicotero, was right. There are a lot more walkers and more blood this season. Other than that, this episode showed us how all the characters are doing. There were only three exciting things that happened. First, the walker looking lady attacks Rick to feed him to her walker husband. Second, Zach (Kyle Gallner) dies when the group goes out to get supplies. Lastly, was when Patrick (Vincent Martella) gets sick and dies in the prison shower (We all know what that means. He is going to turn).


2 thoughts on “Walkers Everywhere!

  1. Did you realize that there was another walker that Rick saw that looked like that kid at the end? And also what do you think the death of the pig symbolized?!

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