Rick Is Back

Poor Patrick

This episode, man oh man this episode, it was such a HUGE step up from the opening episode. I loved the way this one started out. With only being able to see a flashlight, a rat, and walkers. We know what this means., we have an enemy in the building.

After the opening credits we find out what happens with Patrick after he turned. He went into his cell block where the rest of the Woodbury people are. Patrick goes in one of the rooms and bites the neck of a guy. That guy turns into a walker and starts to bite everyone else in that cell block. Five people live, but two of them turn out to be sick. Michonne tried to help out, but got hurt in the process.

After the attack, the council gets together to talk about what happened. They come to agree that Patrick had some sort of flu and decide to separate the two sick people from the rest of the group. In the next scene, we see Maggie running towards Rick and Daryl (who are burying the dead) because there are too many walkers trying to push down a section of the fence. Where have we seen this before? That’s right, Hershel’s farm. Everyone gets weapons and starts to kill as many walkers as they can. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Rick is killing the walkers too! Since there are too many, Rick and Daryl get the pigs they were raising and use them as bait.

Meanwhile inside the prison, Beth is taking care of Judy and Michonne. We learn something very personal about Michonne in this scene. We learn that she maybe had a baby, but lost it before or during the turn. I honestly got teary eyed when Michonne started to cry when she was holding Judy.

The ending of this episode was pretty awesome if you ask me. Rick gives Carl his gun back. After Rick gives Carl his gun, he puts his own gun back in his holster. Not only was that awesome, but we see that someone (Most likely the same person who was feeding the walkers) has dragged out the two people who were sick, and lit them on fire! . Next week is going to be awesome!


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