Goodbye Carol?

Don't go! :[

Don’t go!

Rick! What were you thinking?! How could you get rid of Carol?!

I cannot believe Rick banished Carol from the prison all because she burnt Karen and David. If Rick were in his old mindset he would have done the same thing. Rick did not have the right to let her go because he gave up being a leader. He gave up making decisions; that’s why there is a council. Therefore, Rick should have brought Carol back and let the council decide what to do with her. If Carol truly is gone, will she be the leader of her own group? Will she ever see Rick again?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Carol?

  1. I agree. I mean, we can hardly remember the name of one of the burnt bodies anyway. So no harm, no foul – right?

    Seriously, though, we can’t be done with Carol. Her state of mind gives her infinite potential to do some even scarier things. And I am fully on board for that.

    • I totally agree with you. Even Rick is scared of her. The new Carol can do way more things than we know. I would like to think Sophie dying and her somewhat being with Daryl helped her with that. I am very excited to see what is in store for new Carol.

  2. I think that Carol might meet up with the Governor and bring back his body to the group as her ticket back in. What does anyone else think?

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