Crazy Rick

Crazy Rick

This episode had three intense moments. . . The first one was when Tyreese got mad at Rick because he felt Rick was not trying to find out who killed Karen and David. He got so upset he ended up punching him. We all know from season 3 that Rick does not take it lightly when someone attacks him. Remember what happened to Tomas?

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Rick Is Back

Poor Patrick

This episode, man oh man this episode, it was such a HUGE step up from the opening episode. I loved the way this one started out. With only being able to see a flashlight, a rat, and walkers. We know what this means., we have an enemy in the building.

After the opening credits we find out what happens with Patrick after he turned. He went into his cell block where the rest of the Woodbury people are. Patrick goes in one of the rooms and bites the neck of a guy. That guy turns into a walker and starts to bite everyone else in that cell block. Five people live, but two of them turn out to be sick. Michonne tried to help out, but got hurt in the process.

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Walkers Everywhere!


That stare gets me every time

The first episode of the new season, I must say, was not the best. I was hoping for something more exciting. Although, I did enjoy all of the new killing scenes. The director, Greg Nicotero, was right. There are a lot more walkers and more blood this season. Other than that, this episode showed us how all the characters are doing. There were only three exciting things that happened. First, the walker looking lady attacks Rick to feed him to her walker husband. Second, Zach (Kyle Gallner) dies when the group goes out to get supplies. Lastly, was when Patrick (Vincent Martella) gets sick and dies in the prison shower (We all know what that means. He is going to turn).

It’s Almost Here!


Rick looks like such a badass

It’s that time of year again. . . Time for “Walking Dead”! I have been waiting for this show ever since the last season ended. I hope none of you guys haven’t forgotten all about “The Walking Dead” due to the “Breaking Bad” series finale. Just one more week until our Facebook and Twitter news feeds are filled with “The Walking Dead” posts.

Since we have a week before it comes out, let us take this time to review what happened last season. . .
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