He’s Back. . . Kind Of



This was such a creepy episode. It was all about the Governor. It takes places after him shooting everyone. The two guys he spared left him in the middle of the night because they could not believe what he had done. After that happened, the Governor went back to Woodbury and set everything on fire. I take this is foreshadowing what will be happening later on in the season.

When the Governor finished burning down Woodbury, he just starts to walk around from place to place. He then came across apartments and found a family living in them. This family consisted of an elderly father, two daughters, and one of the daughters little girl. This is where it got interesting. It got interesting because I was wondering the whole time when he is going to kill them. To my surprise he did nothing to them. He helped them with anything they needed.

The other interesting thing we find out about the Governor is that he is not the same person he once was. He is now afraid of walkers, and all he can think about is his family. I believe this is why he never hurt this family. He did not hurt them because they have a little girl who was around the same age as his own daughter.

Other than the Governor, who is now Brian, finding a new family, nothing really happened. Just at the end when we finds the guys who left him in the beginning of the episode. I wonder what is going to happen now that the Governor and his new group, is back with his old one.


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