Don’t Look Back

It All Comes To An End

It All Comes To An End

Finally! Finally the show goes back down the road of the comics. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Like I said before, once I saw the tank, I knew the prison was going to get attacked.

I have known all along that the Governor was not a changed man. I wanted to believe that he would change, but deep down inside I knew he was far too gone. He was too much of a villain in the comics to turn into a good guy in the show. He is such a good bad guy he got these people to follow him in trying to kill Rick and the rest of the group. Brian just met these people and they are already doing what he says.

When Brian captured Michonne and Hershel I knew something bad was going to happen. I just had a very uneasy feeling about the situation. I knew he was going to use them to draw Rick out, but I did not know how long he would keep them alive. When everyone gets to the prison we soon find out which one he kills out of the two. . . Hershel. . .

I am so very sad that Hershel died. I am sad because I truly believe that he kept Rick sane. He was nothing but words of wisdom, and that kept everyone going. Even though I think he was crucial character in Rick’s life, but his time to die was coming. He has told Rick everything he needed to know on how to survive in the situation they are in without changing their true character. Once Rick gave the speech to the Governor that Hershel gave to him, I knew Hershel was going to die. At that moment Rick became himself once again.

After Hershel dies all hell breaks loose at the prison. Everyone starts shooting each other. Sadly in this outbreak Rick gets shot. The Governor and his group break down the prison fences. Rick and the Governor get into a fist fight and Rick nearly dies. Thanks to Michonne coming out of nowhere, she saves Rick and stabs the Governor in the process. The one who kills the Governor completely is Lilly, when she shot him in the head.

While everything is going on, everyone in the prison is trying to escape. The one who was surprising was Lizzie. She turned out to be a HUGE help. She saved Tyreese. Lizzie finally stepped up and became the person that Carol knew she could be.

When all the chaos is over, Rick and Carl are reunited. The only thing is that everyone is scattered in many different places. The worst thing is that they think Judith is dead. When Rick and Carl leave the prison I love that Rick tells him to not look back. Signaling that their life their life there is over and it is time to start a new one.

I just hope the next half goes along with the comics. If it does people will be shocked.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back

  1. I have been waiting for your review! I was totally stunned after this episode and I wondered if this happened in the comics as well. I heard some rumours of what’s going to happen next but I hope not all of them are true! And you were right about Lizzie, she turned out to be a killer after all. I wonder where her character will end up and I can’t wait for february!!

    • You have been waiting?? Why thank you :]

      Of course it didn’t happen exactly like the comics, but it was pretty good. It was just minor things between the comics and the show. Overall I enjoyed it a lot. Too be honest I hope the show follows close to the comics in these next episodes and seasons. Only because what happens in the comics is CRAZY! It would throw everyone for a loop. I knew Lizzie had to turn into a killer at some point. You will see more of her I am sure.

      February needs to come fast!

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