He Who Must Not Be Named

Bonding Time

Bonding Time

There was so much in this episode I do not even know where to begin. So let me try to break it down for you.


Lizzie creeps me out (she reminds me of Billy from the comics). This episode made her more mysterious than ever before. She was trying to help out with the walkers, but as soon as she tripped, she stayed on the floor crying. Hershel had to come and save her. The thing is, when she had the walkers attention, she had a look in her eye that made it seem like she was going to kill the walker. I think later on in the season she is going to do something that is going to surprise us all.


He changed so much throughout this episode. Hershel changing showed us that anyone can become corrupted by the situation they are in. In the beginning, he wanted to stay out of everything. Especially when it came to killing walkers. That’s why he had Glenn kill the guy who was about to turn. Later on, when the prison gets overrun by walkers, Hershel does start to kill them because he realizes that he no longer has a choice. Rick witnessed Hershel killing one of the walkers, and Rick starred at him like he didn’t know who he was.


When Rick told her about Carol, she said he did the right thing by leaving her. Even though she said she agrees with him, it still seemed like there was a hint of hesitation. It was either hesitation or just her truly being shocked about what Carol was capable of.

Rick and Carl

Rick and Carl finally got their bonding time when the walkers finally broke down the fence. Once that happened, Rick and Carl ran to get their guns. Their bonding time consisted of shooting all the walkers, and Carl throwing an assault rifle magazine to Rick. It was like a son throwing a baseball to his dad. It is great that it was Rick and Carl shooting all the walkers because it gave Carl the opportunity to prove to his dad that he is responsible enough to carry a gun. In the comics, Carl does way more than he has done in the current and past seasons. So this is a gateway for Carl to have a bigger role in this season and seasons to come.

The Medicine Group

Daryl and the rest of the group are finally back! They can now save Glenn!

He Who Must Not Be Named

He’s back! I knew the Governor was going to come back in this season, but I had no idea it would be so soon. I figured he would come back when Carol does. Since I have read the comics, I have a pretty good idea about what is going to happen at the end of this season.

A Few Questions

Rick still hasn’t told Daryl, what do you think Daryl is going to do? Didn’t those peas look good?


9 thoughts on “He Who Must Not Be Named

  1. Daryl’s nothing if not loyal to those he loves. I don’t think he loves Carol in a romantic sense, but he cares alot about her and he’s gonna FLIP and go looking for her.
    I agree there is something up with Lizzie. Maybe SHE killed those people and Carol is covering for her.

    • I also think Daryl is going to go try and find Carol. I am just wondering what he is going to say to Rick.

      Lizzie is creepy. I was going through my comics and I figured out who Lizzie is. So now I understand why she is crazy, and what she might do. If you read the comics too, I suggest you look at them.

  2. Hope Dayrl doesn’t go too crazy…he needs to stay in the show! One of the best characters by far. On the episode, one of my favourites of recent times, definitely back to its best.

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