The Aftermath


Hey everybody! It’s that time again. . . Zombie time. I am so happy “The Walking Dead” is back on. I have been waiting for this show to come back ever since the mid season finale. Now that it is back, I no longer feel that void in my heart. I know I am late writing about the past two episodes and I am sorry. I am here now so you can all take a deep breath.

The Mid season opener was not the greatest. I was pretty disappointed with the whole episode. Don’t get me wrong. Learning all about Michonne was my favorite part out of the whole episode. I was just not too fond of the episode being all about Carl. Carl is not on my top ten list of characters (he is also not one of my favorites in the comics), so I know this played a role into how I felt about the opener. The thing I did like is that Michonne found Rick and Carl at the end. Other than learning about Michonne and her finding Rick, not too much happened.

For the second episode that is a different story. . .

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Don’t Look Back

It All Comes To An End

It All Comes To An End

Finally! Finally the show goes back down the road of the comics. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Like I said before, once I saw the tank, I knew the prison was going to get attacked.

I have known all along that the Governor was not a changed man. I wanted to believe that he would change, but deep down inside I knew he was far too gone. He was too much of a villain in the comics to turn into a good guy in the show. He is such a good bad guy he got these people to follow him in trying to kill Rick and the rest of the group. Brian just met these people and they are already doing what he says.

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The Not So New Governor


Golfing Is Fun. . . Right?

I know I am late to the party, but it looks like nothing much happened anyway.

Not too much happened with Brian in this episode. The only thing that happened was something that we were all expecting anyway. We all knew that Brian would go to his old ways and take charge of everything. He even went as far as recreating his aquarium wall of heads. It is just this time he is putting his walkers into the lake.

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He’s Back. . . Kind Of



This was such a creepy episode. It was all about the Governor. It takes places after him shooting everyone. The two guys he spared left him in the middle of the night because they could not believe what he had done. After that happened, the Governor went back to Woodbury and set everything on fire. I take this is foreshadowing what will be happening later on in the season.

When the Governor finished burning down Woodbury, he just starts to walk around from place to place. He then came across apartments and found a family living in them. This family consisted of an elderly father, two daughters, and one of the daughters little girl. This is where it got interesting. It got interesting because I was wondering the whole time when he is going to kill them. To my surprise he did nothing to them. He helped them with anything they needed.

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He Who Must Not Be Named

Bonding Time

Bonding Time

There was so much in this episode I do not even know where to begin. So let me try to break it down for you.


Lizzie creeps me out (she reminds me of Billy from the comics). This episode made her more mysterious than ever before. She was trying to help out with the walkers, but as soon as she tripped, she stayed on the floor crying. Hershel had to come and save her. The thing is, when she had the walkers attention, she had a look in her eye that made it seem like she was going to kill the walker. I think later on in the season she is going to do something that is going to surprise us all.

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Goodbye Carol?

Don't go! :[

Don’t go!

Rick! What were you thinking?! How could you get rid of Carol?!

I cannot believe Rick banished Carol from the prison all because she burnt Karen and David. If Rick were in his old mindset he would have done the same thing. Rick did not have the right to let her go because he gave up being a leader. He gave up making decisions; that’s why there is a council. Therefore, Rick should have brought Carol back and let the council decide what to do with her. If Carol truly is gone, will she be the leader of her own group? Will she ever see Rick again?