The Aftermath


Hey everybody! It’s that time again. . . Zombie time. I am so happy “The Walking Dead” is back on. I have been waiting for this show to come back ever since the mid season finale. Now that it is back, I no longer feel that void in my heart. I know I am late writing about the past two episodes and I am sorry. I am here now so you can all take a deep breath.

The Mid season opener was not the greatest. I was pretty disappointed with the whole episode. Don’t get me wrong. Learning all about Michonne was my favorite part out of the whole episode. I was just not too fond of the episode being all about Carl. Carl is not on my top ten list of characters (he is also not one of my favorites in the comics), so I know this played a role into how I felt about the opener. The thing I did like is that Michonne found Rick and Carl at the end. Other than learning about Michonne and her finding Rick, not too much happened.

For the second episode that is a different story. . .

We finally meet Abraham!! I love this guy! All I have to say is that things are going to get pretty interesting Abraham is pretty bad ass in the comics. So I am excited to see how he will be in the series. Something else significant in this episode happened. Oh yeah. . . Carol is back!! I knew she was going to come back. They could not keep her away from us for too long. I felt that she is now too big of a character to keep out of the series. In the comics she dies before the Governor comes and attack them. So it is shocking to me to see how different Carol is in the series.

Just like the first episode, the second one was also a set up episode. We get to see where everyone is after the Governor attacked the prison. Now that we all know what everyone is up to and who is together, I am excited to see what the second part of this season has in store. If it will be anything like the comics, the second half is going to be a great one.


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